• Re-Source Recycling has been a wonderful partner in our sustainability journey. They have always been very responsive to finding solutions that make recycling easier for us, even if it adds steps to their process. Regardless of the conditions of the recycling market, Re-Source consistently provides excellent service.

    Mike D. | Facilities Management
    Toronto's Exhibition Place
  • Re-Source Recycling’s one-stop-shop recycling solutions are convenient, cost-efective and environmentally friendly

    Kevin H. | General Manager
    Hallmark Cards
  • Re-Source has been instrumental in reducing our waste costs while generating revenue. George’s creativity in putting together a program for picking up the material in a timely manner has been very beneficial to our organization as well.

    Tom G. | General Manager
    Global Total Office
Electronic recycling

Re-Source Recycling is the solution to all your Computer and Electronics Recycling needs.

We offer MOE Certified e-waste services, ISO 14001 Solutions and Ontario Electronic Stewardship (OES) Certified Collection Programs.

If you are a small company with a few items to dispose of or a major company with thousands, Re-Source has the solution to your electronic and electrical waste.

Re-Source Recycling offers a comprehensive and complete service, from picking up your scrap to removing and dismantling your existing hardware so that new equipment can be installed. We provide asset reimbursement, or charge minimal fees, to remove and process your old equipment in a cost-effective and time efficient manner. Your old hard drives and other electronic storage media, may still have confidential material in them, and need to be completely destroyed. This is why we provide Certificates of Destruction to guarantee that our operation has ensured the total elimination of sensitive information.

Computer and Electronics Recycling may contain materials that can harm the environment. Government increasingly regulates disposal and land filling the items is no longer an option in many cases.

We recycle;

Cell Phones/PDA’s and Rechargeable Batteries.

Personal Computers

Mainframe Computers

Obsolete electronics such as VCR’s and electric typewriters



Cable Wiring




Networking Hardware

PC Cards

CD’s and DVD’s


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L4K 1H3
Concord, Ontario