Product Destruction

Product Destruction in Toronto

There are many different instances where businesses or government agencies may possess products or materials that must be destroyed. These may include surplus inventory, obsolete inventory, product recalls, defective product, expired product, customer returns, overstock inventory, off-spec product, packaging errors, damaged goods, seized goods or insurance claims to name a few.

Re-Source has the ability to destroy/recycle:

  • Clothing      
  • Accessories
  • Packaged/Unpackaged Food Products and Ingredients
  • Electronics
  • Cosmetics/Cosmetics Packaging
  • Toys
  • Marketing/Promotional Items
  • Bulk and Packaged Liquids
  • Packaging Materials – Branded or Otherwise
  • A Wide Variety of Consumer Goods

Regardless of what the product may be, if there is a potential to cause harm or for the product to be sold off market, then landfill is not the solution as there is virtually zero security for your company or your product when you send these goods to landfill.

Re-Source Recycling utilizes a variety of shredding and de-packaging processes to ensure complete destruction of sensitive inventories. The goods are also separately collected and recycled when possible.

Re-Source insures our customer’s requirements and backs this up with a Certificate of Destruction for all materials processed in our facility.  For control and identification purposes Re-Source implements the following controls:

  • 24 Hour, Guarded Security
  • Identification and Computerized Tracking
  • Bonded Drivers and Operators
  • Videotaped Recorded Destruction
  • On-Site Viewing
  • Certificates of Destruction
  • Confidentiality

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  • Re-Source Recycling has been a wonderful partner in our sustainability journey. They have always been very responsive to finding solutions that make recycling easier for us, even if it adds steps to their process. Regardless of the conditions of the recycling market, Re-Source consistently provides excellent service.

    Mike D. | Facilities Management
    Toronto's Exhibition Place
  • Re-Source Recycling’s one-stop-shop recycling solutions are convenient, cost-efective and environmentally friendly

    Kevin H. | General Manager
    Hallmark Cards
  • Re-Source has been instrumental in reducing our waste costs while generating revenue. George’s creativity in putting together a program for picking up the material in a timely manner has been very beneficial to our organization as well.

    Tom G. | General Manager
    Global Total Office